Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Behind Bars

I'm obsessed with American prison documentaries like 'Lock Up' and 'Behind Bars' and as I'm not able to go and photograph the inmates myself I tried to experiment with photographing the programmes.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Rose and Tel

This idea came from a dating website when looking at all the endless profiles. I started thinking about how you get a first impression from someone and how it would then be to meet them and see what they were like in 'real life'.  I was lucky enough to meet Rose and Tel who let me come and spend some time with them at a very intimate meeting in order to observe and capture a little but of them in a few hours.

Atherfield Bay

On a shoot at a derlict holiday camp on the Isle of Wight - the theme was Homoerotic Teddy Boys!! I've tried to edit the photos as well to give them a slightly older style.

Days gone by

As part of my final exhibition for my foundation, I used an audio recording of my grandad, where he started to tell me about how men would put hankies in their hand when dancing with a lady so as not to put a sweaty hand their dress. It was such a lovely image as I thought about it so I decided to do a shoot based on the idea.