Friday, 2 April 2010

Elijah Kerr and PDC

I got in contact with Elijah Kerr/Jaja after seeing a documentary about him and his former street gang, now record label PDC. He has been fantastic in letting me go up and photograph him in the studio and also have the oppurtunity of going along to a video shoot for artist Marcus Jordan who is signed to his label.

Studio work (make up, styling and photography)

Various bits of make up and styling I've done for a few studio sessions.

Weights Room

Samsons Gym / The Weights Room in Eastleigh were really good about letting me come and get some practice in there - I was quite nervous the first time I went as it was my first time shooting somewhere where I didn't know anyone but I was so grateful for how obliging and nice everyone was.

Night Shelter

These photos were taken at a local night shelter. This lot of photos are a small selection taken during the day when the building is empty. I have since been back and photographed some of the residents which I will upload asap...

Legs eleven!

This is some work I did a few months ago now, but they are some of my favourite images that I've taken. Me and my daughter went to stay with my Nan, a few of the residents in her building meet up on a Friday night and play Bingo and they were kind enough to let me come along and practice on them...